Finding Health Insurance for Your Children

Health Insurance

Most parents with insurance include their spouse and children on their plans. If you already have health insurance, your kids are probably eligible for coverage until age 26. However, there are some plans that do not cover children. If you find yourself facing this issue, there are some options to make your children get the insurance they need.

The good news is there are more health insurance plans available for kids than ever before. Also, there are many insurers that will pick up the cost of some preventive care for kids when using and in-network care provider. This may include services like an annual physical, eye screenings, and immunizations.

Existing Issues Do Not Mean You Cannot Be Covered

Keep in mind children with existing health problems can’t be denied coverage. It is illegal for an insurance company to try to charge a higher premium due to a child’s illness or health condition. This helps keep coverage affordable for parents if their child needs frequent visits to a healthcare provider or must take prescription medications.

Financial assistance may be an option  as well.  Income tax credits from the advance premium tax credit program, sometimes called APTC are a possibility to explore. These credits can assist in paying some of your premiums which makes your healthcare more affordable. Eligibility for this assistance is based on household size and  annual income.

Your family may qualify for another special program called the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP. This is a government-sponsored program that can provide health insurance for kids at a low rate, or sometimes even free of charge.

Remember that certain health insurance plans do not cover dental or vision care. This coverage is essential to the health of your child. In order to safeguard the health of your children, make sure dental and vision are an option with any plans you are considering.

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