Health Insurance Options for College Students

Health Insurance

Each year, college students face a critical test that they probably don’t hear about in any classroom: having the right health insurance plan to cover the costs of ailments and emergencies that may arise while they are away at school.  Due in part to the  Affordable Care Act, students now have at least a half-dozen health care choices. This is many more options available to students than just five years ago.

Health Insurance is Important at Any Age

Poor health may be the last thing a young college student has on their mind. But thinking about a possible illness or issue before it occurs is the best time to prepare yourself. You never want to be caught off guard with a difficult health problem.

The basic question a college student needs to ask themselves is “What do I need to do to ensure I am covered appropriately?” One option is to simply stay on the plan of your parents. If you are under 26 years of age you can choose to remain on their policy. A student may want to see their physician while home from school to ensure they have access to the network of their parent’s plan. This is especially important if the student is attending college out of state.

Look at School Offerings

A college student may also wish to purchase their own health coverage. Many colleges and universities now offer their own plans to their students. Some schools work directly with insurance companies to pay any claims. Other plans are self-insured by the individual school; in these cases the payout is made directly.

College plans have a nice advantage over other health insurance options since the premium costs are tied in with other higher education expenses, like tuition. However, these plans might have limited coverage compared to individual insurance. For example, they may not cover injuries to a student injured after becoming inebriated. Both students and their parents should examine student health plans carefully because there may be yearly limits on claims or visits to their doctor.

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