How Much Health Insurance Do I Need?

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How Much Health Insurance Do I Need?

Health insurance policies are now available to cover almost all health needs and concerns. However, a very important question to consider is exactly how much coverage to purchase for your entire family. How do you know if you have adequate protection? And how much might be too much?

There is no simple answer, but there are a few general guidelines you can follow. These suggestions will vary depending upon the type of insurance coverage being considered. The following are some important points of health insurance plans to consider.

How much will you need to pay out-of-pocket is based on the specific policy you are studying. Most people are at least somewhat familiar with deductibles. However, there are other expenses you should consider when looking for the best policy.

Most policies also contain an out-of-pocket maximum, and this amount is of vital importance. This total is the combination of the deductible and a coinsurance provision. Coinsurance is your responsibility; it is to pay for health care expenses that exceed your deductible. For example, if the plan has a $5,000 deductible, but also states you must pay 20 percent of the expenses that exceed the deductible—in this case up to $10,000—you will be responsible for an additional charge of $2,000.

How can a person know for certain if they have the proper amount of coverage? First, make sure you can comfortably afford the monthly payment on the health insurance policy. Then look at your out of pocket maximum. If you have enough in ready cash or in the bank to cover this amount, you are in a positive position financially.

Keep in mind health insurance plans can be extremely complex, and guidelines to follow are not etched in stone. Unique situations may crop up and present different challenges. But if you know you can cover the out-of-pocket maximum, this is a solid measure you have the proper amount of insurance coverage.

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