Martin saved me $8000 last year by switching me to a plan that covered my prescriptions perfectly. He understands the health insurance stuff better than anyone I ever talked to. I only wish I had known about him years ago.

Dominic B.

Martin is a hard worker great health insurance guy. He gets the job done! He’s great at customer service and has great character too. He knows his job and does it well. I highly recommend him.

Iggy A.

The world of health insurance is in constant flux, so confusing! I’m so grateful to have met Mark Hopwood. He takes the time to answer your questions, find out your goals and preferences, and then give you your best options. We made informed decisions and had no surprises thanks to Mark’s attention to detail. It’s true that you don’t know what you don’t know, so I’m grateful I got connected with Mark to uncover the assumptions and misconceptions I had, even as a doctor in the health care industry who deals with insurance! He helped my wife and I navigate through the many health and dental insurance plans to find one that was a perfect fit for our wants and needs. My experience with him has been entirely positive and I’d strongly recommend his service to anyone looking to ensure a healthier future for themselves and their family! Thanks Mark!

Vito S.

I was coming off my parents plan when I turned 26 and I wasn’t sure how to go about finding the right coverage. I received a call from Anthony Simenas at Healthcare Solutions, and he was able to help me narrow down to the right options that fit my needs and budget and explained everything in a simple way that I could understand. I recommend Anthony to help you find the right solution with your Health & Life Insurance Needs. 

Matt J.

My family and I needed Health Insurance but did not know where to go. We received a call from Anthony Simenas at Healthcare Solutions, and he offered his help. Anthony helped us figure out the right solution for our family and he made the application process simple and easy. With his help our family was able to choose the right Health Insurance plan for our situation. his follow up and customer care were excellent. 

Mandy L.

Marty’s been the go-to guy for my family of six for 3 years now. He’s covered health, dental and vision, kept us with our chosen doctors and kept the rate reasonable. All that and I’m a self-employed business owner, so it’s tricky to get proper coverage!

Jon S.

Mark is one of the most Humble and Honest people I have ever met. On top of his Business Experience/ Multi Faceted Resume, He exhibits a Character that is calming in Spirit and one that certainly exemplifies Jesus Christ. If you want Honesty, Integrity, Experience and Trust. Give Mark a chance to earn your Trust. You’ll get more than you expect….you’ll get respect.

Steven K.

Mark embodies professionalism and integrity in everything that he does. If you are looking for someone that will treat with you respect and truly look out for your best interest Mark is your guy.

Josh P.

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