The Risks of Not Having Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Living in America without health insurance can lead to significant financial and medical risks. In addition to amassing large medical debt, you also subject yourself to a possible tax penalty. Most US residents had health insurance growing up through the plans of their parents. After leaving home, most people counted on receiving insurance from their employer. Unfortunately there are many citizens currently unemployed or under-employed and are living without this protection.

According to some polls, 61% of adults cited unemployment as the reason they have no insurance. Another large chunk of the American population said the cost of individual coverage was just too expensive to purchase. Most of those who are uninsured come from low-income working families.

The Affordable Care Act was passed to give Americans access to affordable health insurance and offer financial assistance to those struggling to make ends meet. This law also includes a penalty for failing to choose a coverage plan during the open enrollment period.

However, there is a much greater risk than just a penalty living without health insurance. Not having insurance could cause you to declare bankruptcy and endanger your health. Some providers make claims about how much you risk by not having health coverage so you will purchase from them. Truthfully, there are serious health and monetary risks that result from living without coverage.

When you live without insurance, even the most basic care, such as a flu shot or prescription medicine, can take a financial toll on you and your family. It has been estimated that almost 2 million Americans have had to file for medical bankruptcy because of unplanned health costs.

Even a simple annual physical can be costly. By skipping this yearly exam, you may miss needed preventive care and suffer greater negative health outcomes. Living without health insurance is living with the burden of being unable to provide basic health care to you and your loved ones.

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