What To Do If You Lose Health Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance

No one ever likes to think of possibly losing their health insurance coverage. But unfortunately for a number of reasons, it can and does happen. Sometimes an employer will stop offering insurance, a worker is a victim of a lay-off or a person needs to quit their current job. Whatever the cause, if you no longer have health insurance, there are some steps to take to retain your current insurance coverage. If not, there are some avenues to take to obtain new coverage and ensure you and your family keep this very important protection.

First, , make sure you receive a “letter of coverage” from the insurer you have used until now. This is not a request that should surprise an insurer. It just confirms the company has covered you for a particular period of time. When you move to another insurance company you may need to prove you have had constant and consistent coverage. This type of letter will provide the proof you need. Also don’t forget to inquire into the potential for insurance coverage through the employee of your spouse or partner.

You should also check to see if you are eligible to receive COBRA. This is a federal law. It requires an employer to continue coverage to employees and their families for up to 18 months after leaving a position. COBRA is usually the least expensive way of maintaining insurance coverage. However, having said that, COBRA can strike many people as being very costly. This is because up until this point, your employer has been covering part of the premium.

Depending on your family’s annual income, you may be eligible for Medicaid or some form of subsidies to pay for your insurance. It is possible you may receive a break on your income tax as well. The possibilities are governed by the federal government and your state’s laws, so do some detective work to see what you may qualify to receive.

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