Is Dental Coverage Included on Your Insurance Plan?

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We all want to make certain our health coverage is very extensive and addresses all our needs. Something the vast majority of U.S. health insurance plans does not cover is dental care. This is a discouraging and surprising fact for some. An important question is does health insurance ever include dental care? Unfortunately, usually only in specific cases or emergencies. For example, if you are involved in a car accident that results in trauma to your teeth or gums, a normal health insurance plan will probably cover any medical and dental work required.

It is not entirely clear why health insurance has never embraced dental coverage in America. A good number of experts feel it is because many consider dental and health issues to be separate problems. Another explanation given is that it is unlikely for a patient to be admitted to the hospital due to a dental problem.

Dental Care Can Be Worth the Cost

Insurers are well aware dental care can be very expensive. An annual checkup or simple filling is usually not too costly. However, extensive dental work such as a bridge, crown or root canal and gum surgery can sometimes be an extremely pricey, although necessary procedure.
Another possible reason is that sub-par dental health can lead to poor overall health. There have been numerous studies done showing the connection between poor oral health and how it can worsen diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Low quality oral health can even cause complications during pregnancy.

Many U.S. companies and organizations do provide employees with dental coverage, but it’s not usually included as part of a comprehensive health plan. In most instances it is offered as a completely separate set of coverage. However, when checking out the details make sure to do your due diligence – there are certain health plans that will include dental coverage.

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